Real Estate Listing - Kasara Urban Resort Residences

I had the chance to see this urban resort residence during one of our trippings in Manila. This is just one of several condominium offerings of Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. Truly a resort in the city!
Enjoy a nature-filled, water resort paradise at the end of your busy day everyday! The Kasara Urban Resort Residences is located in between Eagle and P.E. Antonio streets in Pasig City right beside C5 road. This means accessibility to business centers such as the Bonifacio Global City (8km), the Makati Central Business District (10km), and Eastwood City (3.5km) as well as to Ortigas Center (3.6km). Amazingly, it also boasts of accessibility to the best educational institutions in the city via C5. Schools and Universities such as Ateneo de Manila, University of the Philippines Diliman, La Salle Greenhills, Xavier School, Saint Pedro Pveda School and Marikina Science School.
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My Midlife Story

Everything happens for a reason. Positive or negative, we always wonder why it happened, how it happened, why me, why now, what's next. We may react negatively but in the end when we see the choices we are given to be able to do something about it, we realize that it happened to make us better persons. We may not be able to forgive or forget the cause, whoever or whatever it may be but we should remember that pain makes us see, feel and appreciate the comfort that everything and everyone around us can give. That failure puts us on the right track, that betrayal teaches us to be honest and truthful to others and to ourselves. Should i be thankful for everything that happens to me? Yes, for an almost perfect life, for an almost perfect me (almost lang. Nobody's perfect e) ....
Last night, my husband and my daughter came home with a puppy which a friend gave them as a gift. i was happy but at the same time a little worried that our dog, Bubbles will not accept her as her new friend. the puppy's name is Ash, a gray mix German Spitz (and i don't know the other half) is a really hyperactive gray little one and luckily, Bubbles readily accepted her (except when Ash went to Bubbles' bowl and tried to eat her food that she really got mad, growled and tried to bite her head off!). Ash is so playful that she did not want to be left alone and cried until we came to her. She played until about 1 am and i was so sleepy i sneaked quietly into our room and left her in the kitchen with Bubbles. She was crying until she got tired and fell asleep. her cries woke us up today. I hope she changes her habits soon, otherwise we'll be sleeping late every night just to keep her from crying which keeps our neighbor awake too!
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