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Last night, my husband and my daughter came home with a puppy which a friend gave them as a gift. i was happy but at the same time a little worried that our dog, Bubbles will not accept her as her new friend. the puppy's name is Ash, a gray mix German Spitz (and i don't know the other half) is a really hyperactive gray little one and luckily, Bubbles readily accepted her (except when Ash went to Bubbles' bowl and tried to eat her food that she really got mad, growled and tried to bite her head off!). Ash is so playful that she did not want to be left alone and cried until we came to her. She played until about 1 am and i was so sleepy i sneaked quietly into our room and left her in the kitchen with Bubbles. She was crying until she got tired and fell asleep. her cries woke us up today. I hope she changes her habits soon, otherwise we'll be sleeping late every night just to keep her from crying which keeps our neighbor awake too!
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