My Husband

I once read an article that says “The search for the ideal husband is an eternal one! The truth is that it is rare in life that any one thing or person turns out to be “ideal” and choosing words like reasonable, amicable, livable, satisfying and acceptable would be better terms with which to describe your husband. If you can find a man you can live with; you are in luck!” Am I the lucky one!!!! I found a man I can live with, and happily at that. He may not be perfect but the term ideal is not enough to describe him that sometimes I wonder whatever I did that God gave him to me as a reward. 

Contrary to my observations on other couple friends of ours, I feel lucky he hasn’t changed. Nothing’s changed, kid, financial and life struggles and all. Respect and honesty has always been and I’m sure will always be there between us. Communication between us has never been better and more open now that we have a teenage daughter, which also helps her become a person of good character who knows how and when to speak her mind.

He may not be a pillar of cleanliness and organization but I accept his “A cluttered home is a happy home” attitude. Of course we don’t want a messy house but whenever we do something at home, whether for work or recreation, we enjoy doing it knowing that the mess that results from them is a symbol of an accomplishment that we are proud and happy to have achieved.

Husbandry takes a very special man who is willing to give and take equally. My husband may not the best-looking man i ever dated but they he sure is the nicest, always making me and our daughter’s happiness and contentment a priority.


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